As a photographer, I have grown accustomed to capturing the conventional aspects of such ceremonies; from pretty flowers to the many lovely venues. Yet to my surprise, I fell spellbound when shooting Sam and Antony's wedding. The combination of polished eloquence, incredible classical symphonies and a breath taking-venue had consumed me entirely. The inside of the church and the mathematical bridge at Queens' College were two exceptionally scenic locations, further portraying the immense elegance and sophistication of the occasion. The graceful architecture of the venue beautifully contrasted with the more natural locations, I knew that this contiguity would inspire and produce splendid images, the ceremony was thoroughly alluring to a degree where I could not pause my shoot, in fear of missing or overlooking something remarkably special. I believe that this occasion will surely leave a lasting impression; The sound of the musical scores and the prayer voiced in Latin prior to the meal still encircle my thoughts, directing them to relive this experience through my memories and of course, the photos.
Samantha's wedding shoes The wedding dress shines in the sun so nice beautiful things one of the youngest guests Samantha a few hours before the ceremony getting ready for wedding bridesmaids getting ready in Queen's College rooms wedding decorations table decorations at Queens' College The wedding venue is ready inside the main room the wedding cake Samantha hot wedding day wedding hat chatting with friends I want this hat! wedding dress and bride's shoes ornaments in garden a moment of relax almost ready flower girl and bridesmaids are going to the chapel Samantha with father Antony and the bestman the flower girl Antony waits for Samantha Samantha and Antony in the chappel coming to the altar Samantha and her father inside the chapel of Queens' College just before the wedding ceremony with father Samantha and Antony the bestman wedding guests wedding rings this very special moment this moment wedding blessing happiness together the couple leaves the chapel of Queens' college Samantha and Antony smiling after ceremony wedding guests confetti for Samantha and Anthony tables the colonnade of Queens' College relaxed classical music gives a special taste to the wedding the groom with friends a very special pocket clock rings Samantha and Antony the courtyard of Queens' College wedding table wife and husband enter the main room wedding speeches Samantha and Antony at their wedding table between guests talking the bestman's speech amazing wedding venue memories from the past laughing during father's speech Antony's speech wedding kiss moving moment Sam and Antony on banks of Cam River bride's boquet in Queens' College park between old trees the first dance of Samantha and Antony it's a fun! Mathematical Bridge the courtyard Samantha and Anthony wedding photo on Mathematical Bridge