Welcome to my site. My name is Magdalena. Photography has been my passion since I received my first camera at age of twelve. From the beginning I liked to photograph almost everything which captivated and interested me, but people were evidently my most favourite theme which stayed with me even until now. I first worked as a press photographer. I enjoyed this profession a lot but later I decided to focus more on my personal life and therefore gave up press photography, soon after I made the decision to take a photography course and later graduated University with a degree in professional Photography. For almost all years of my life with the camera I was doing weddings. I began as a shy girl, simply trying to capture something from behind other photographers, soon after my wide experience and affection for photography lead me to become a ‘true’ wedding photographer. For years I was happily capturing this very special day for almost all my friends. However, some time ago I decided it was time to run my own photography business which I am enjoying more and more. I love wedding celebrations. Although some people consider them quite repetitive and common, for me every single ceremony is extraordinary and unique in its spirit. The Atmosphere of the day is very special and there are true emotions conveyed. I have witnessed many weddings, each new celebration marks another journey and brings about abnormal happiness and excitement which is exactly what I am looking to capture as a photographer, this way my reportage style photographs are at their best as they portray the joy of the day. I never refuse group shoots as personally I think they are an experience shared amongst the guests as is worth capturing. Furthermore, I believe group shoots keep memories alive and encourage guests to remember each other as sometimes the ceremony gathers people from different places who are not familiar with one another, the magic of the unity at weddings is something crucial to photograph. In conclusion, I am pleased to answers all questions about my photography. Please feel free to contact me and I will try to give my best to meet your requirements.


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