Jeme and Graham’s wedding was mostly shot at The Italian Villa in Bournemouth, a coastal town where Jeme and Graham met during their university years. The images taken at the celebration intrinsically look like a flashback; the villa offered astounding views and a blossoming Japanese Garden where pictures of Jeme and Graham were taken in a spectrum of vivid colours. The presence of close friends and family created a joyful and intimate atmosphere which still blooms out of the vibrant photographs. Thank you Jeme and Graham for this opportunity, to photograph your wedding was a joyful and consuming experience.
Jeme gets ready for wedding jewellery the main room the top table Jeme and Graham's cake Mrs and Mr guest are gathering well done talking she is coming Jeme comes to ceremony room mother nad bridesmaids Jeme comes to Graham together happiness reading wedding rings official part kissing signing registry official photo first congratulations confetti on stairs of Italian villa group shoot from first floor window guests in garden on bridge in japanese garden at pond fountain in Italian villa garden family together wedding cake children guests in garden ladies party ladies gentlemen Jeme in Graham in garden on japanes bridge Jeme and Graham on beach at wedding table toast cake cutting dancing on the beach